Variant „Storage“

The EMCS process variant „storage“ is used when the customer organizes the transport of the goods himself. To properly end the EMCS process, Daily Collect must by definition take possession of the goods. If the customer wants to transport the goods himself or organize the transport himself, the goods must be taken up for a short period of time in the warehouse of Daily Collect. The goods reach the Daily Collect warehouse, where they are unloaded and stored for at least 24 hours. Further transport is only possible after expiry of the storage period.

Note: Daily Collect will not act until the customer provides a financial security equal to the excise duty expected to be incurred in Germany.

The customer notifies Daily Collect GmbH (Daily Collect) of a transport
The customer provides a financial security to Daily Collect in the amount of the expected costs Excise duty of delivery
The customer instructs the transport company to transport the goods. Alternative: The customer transports the goods with his own truck
The goods are transported to the nearest warehouse of Daily Collect
The goods are unloaded there and a Daily Collect employee checks the goods and the transport documents
The following transport documents must be presented at the latest for delivery:
– Delivery note in German
– Bill of Lading / CMR
– Commercial invoice for the delivery, addressed to the end customer in Germany
– e-AD
– Specification of the outgoing tax warehouse
After the check, Daily Collect completes the EMCS procedure electronically
The goods are taken to the warehouse
After the end of the day of delivery, the goods handling can be stopped and forwarded



We offer you the complete service with the EMCS procedure for transports to Germany.


We operate warehouses at several locations in Germany – for short journeys.


We receive the goods at our locations and ensure a fast turnaround.


During the transport, there are only short downtimes – for a quick transport.

  • Title

    Der Kunde avisiert der Daily Collect GmbH (Daily Collect) einen Transport bis 11.00 Uhr des Vortags der Lieferung

  • Titel 02

    Daily Collect holt bei infrage kommenden Transportunternehmen Angebote ein
    Die Transportkosten werden mit dem Kunden abgestimmt